How to make jeans your statement piece

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You can retire your funky feather earrings and dynamic diamond choker for now. This season, accessories don't have to be the only standout piece of your outfit. If you're tired of the status-quo denim, a nice pair of statement jeans will tie your fit together. From patchwork to elevated stripes, take any outfit from drab to fab with these denim dreams. 

Patchwork jeans

Patchwork jeans are no longer just a way to use up scraps of fabric. These trendy jeans will make your outfit pop. Throw in some Converse for a lax look.

Dragon adorned jeans

The dragon symbolizes strength, boldness, self-confidence and power. Cop this dynamic denim garb to embolden your look and embody everything the dragon stands for.

Wide-leg jeans

Take a tip from the 1990s and give wide-leg jeans a go. Your jeans will be the life of the party and you'll be ultra comfy too.

Sequin jeans

Can you say superstar? That's exactly what you'll feel like in a pair of sequin-covered jeans. Pair them with your choice of ankle booties for a chic look.

Tie-dye jeans

Take the tie-dye trend to the next level—intertwine it into your denim. Now sit back and be the talk of the town in the best way possible.

Colorful striped jeans

This Insta jean trend will give you the art kid aesthetic you crave and brighten your day all in one go.

Frayed bottom jeans

Turn heads with this festival-ready look. Fringe is fun on any occasion, so grab the perfect pair and rock this fit.

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by Franca Akenami | 11/24/2020