Iconic OOTDs from Disney Channel OGs


The early 2,000's were such an iconic time for fashion. Our *fave* OG characters from Disney always wore the most fashion-forward outfits, and everyone was dying to know where to get them. The trends and looks may seem super cringey now, but were *def* all the rage back when the shows were live. Read on to reminisce on these stylin' OOTDs. 

Alex Russo

Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place is major chill-girl vibes and it's all in the way she dressed. She did messy buns before they were cool, and knew exactly what to wear without looking like she was trying too hard. Somehow she still managed to keep her looks stylish.

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Miley Stewart

Miley Stewart's everyday looks *def* set the tone for what's cool to wear to school. Of course, Hannah's *glitzy* fits were *fierce* from head to toe, but the season 1 Miley gave corduroy and cropped blouses a whole new name. By season 4, it was goodbye corduroy hello statement necklaces and peace signs. As Miley got older her style clearly changed, but she never stopped wearing what's in. 

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Image: Pinterest

Teddy Dunkin

Although her family might be a bit cray cray, Teddy Duncan seems to be the Duncan that always managed to keep it together. More often than not, Teddy Duncan was seen in a dress or a skirt, and if not, then *def* a tunic top with leggings (aka a long shirt). Even when her family was driving her nuts, no matter what she never resorted to sweatpants for comfort. 

 Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

London Tipton 

London Tipton pulled together the most *extravagant* looks that no one will ever be able to top or rock as well as she did on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. From fur to b-dazzles, London wore it all, and she showed us that if you want to look fabulous in the 2,000's more is always better. 

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Image: Pinterest

Liv Rooney 

Live Rooney's style was all about looking put together and princess-like. Skater skirts and gem filled statement necklaces were two crucial pieces apart of Liv's starter package to looking *fabulous*. We can't forget about the ballet flats! Although her sister Maddie had the exact opposite style, it didn't stop her from flaunting her 2,000's princess look everywhere she went. 

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Image:  Pinterest

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by Hayley Miller | 10/26/2020