PROJECT RUNWAY: Parting Like A Rockstar!

After Keith’s adieu last week, life went on at the Atlas apartments as usual. I wasn’t a big fan, so I wasn’t too sorry saying toodles. (I know, mean! ) This week, designers really felt the pressure as a fashion legend stopped by for a visit. Did you get a chance to tune in?

Argh, I totally flipped shiz-a-ma-niz when Heidi brought out Tim Gunn as the “special guest” who would give designers a sneak peak into this week’s challenge. Really? Stop it already…pretty please?

Designers arrived in the Meat Packing District of NYC to find themselves in…major fashion guru Diane von Furstenberg’s office. Everyone went gaga for DVF, but Kenley was the most emotional of all. After meeting the fashion heavyweight, she could not keep it together. I think she balled through the whole show.

Challenge: Design a look to be featured in DVF’s Fall line. Inspiration should be drawn from the old-school spy flick A Foreign Affair. The winner’s garment will not only be apart of her collection, but sold exclusively to Am Ex customers (as DVF ever so subtlety mentioned her “long friendship” with the big card wigs). Riiight.

Instead of the usual Mood stop ‘n’ shop, designers actually got to get their greedy little hands on Diane’s sample room to choose from her own fabrics. Dudettes, after the designers completely destroyed the sample room, I can only imagine the havoc one of Diane’s poor assistants had to deal with.

Back at the workshop everyone was revved up to wow Diane with their skills. Each designer had big dreams to whip out multiples pieces except for one lone ranger, Kenley. She was so freaked about the op to work with DVF that she was super focused on making one amazing garment.
Top 3: Leann, Kenley and Korto

Leanimal was our challenge winner and I absolutely LOVED her dress. It was SO Hollywood glam. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of the cropped coat thrown on top, it was nevertheless magnifique! My second fave was Korto’s. I thought wrap and dress worked perfectly. I particularly loved the splash of sunny yellow. And although Kenley’s dress did turn out well, I wasn’t in love with the let me over compensate for my garment by filling the judges with a lot of nonsense routine. Who were some of your faves?

Honorable Mention: Blayne
Hehe, I just had to throw this one up there. Was it my number one for the night? No. But is it something I’d actually be in heaven wearing? Yes! I loved the polka pantaloons contrasted with the sassy fun top.
Bottom 3: Stella, Suede and Joe
DVF liked the concept of Stella’s look, but said the cape looked too much like our late-night villain Dracula. And I’m going to have to agree, I did not like the cape. Also, there was a little too much brown tweed with nothing to break it up in between. It looked like one big brown pantsuit.

MK said that Suede’s model look liked she got dressed in the dark and DVF was baffled as to why he would make such a tiiiny model look so full figured. I say, forget the oversized skirt, what’s up with the head-to-toe scary Amazon fabric?

And lastly, my personal worst for the night was Joe. His Shanghai inspired look reeked a whole lotta costume cheesy. I totally hoped and hoped that he would get the boot, but alas, Stella our resident rockstar had to bid us farewell. I was super sad to see her go. Even though I wasn’t a big fan of her work, it was definitely diff and I loved her carefree, no drama ‘tude. What do you think? Do you think Stella should have gone home?

Next week, the teaser promises a whole lot of “awws.” What could be so aww-worthy? Puppies perhaps? How cute would that be?!


9/4/2008 2:48:00 PM