Love these looks: The Last Summer premiere

Name a better looking cast...I'll wait.

What do you get when you combine stars from Riverdale, Good Trouble, 13 Reasons Why, Teen Wolf, The Maze RunnerSierra Burgess Is a Loser and Paper Towns? Netflix's The Last Summer, the all-new sun-kissed rom-com hitting the streaming service this Friday, May 3. 

Featuring several intersecting stories, the fab flick follows a group of recent high school grads during their final summer before college—and there's a *lot* of drama: We're talking love lost and found, unexpected friendships from unexpected circumstances, rocky relationships with parents and more...all while they stand on the cusp of adulthood.

At the movie's premiere this week, Maia Mitchell, KJ Apa and more of their co-stars stunned in seriously amazing looks. Scroll on for the best of the best!

1. Maia Mitchell

Maia, the belle of the ball, stepped out in femme frills and spring pastels—and we're def taking all the fashion notes right now. Lavender + mint + yellow = the ultimate prom palette.

2. Ashleigh Morghan 

Clearly Ashleigh knows that floral will alwaysalwaysalways be in style. Don't let anyone tell you differently, OK? 

3. Halston Sage

Baby got (a) back...less dress, and it's pretty much everything. The bow details on H's gown are so ladylike, and her pearl gems complement the style perfectly. Can't wait to see her shine as Erin in this flick!

4. Tony Revolori and Mario Revolori 

We love a duo! These brothers proved that just because you look alike, that's doesn't mean you need to dress alike. Watch Mario (R) portray Reece in the flick.

5. KJ Apa

This Pirates of the Caribbean-meets-businessman chic is somehow really working for this Riverdale star, who plays the film's leading cutie, Griffin.

6. Sameera Rock

Denim? On a red—er, blue—carpet? Loves it. Slay, Sameera!

7. Jacob Latimore

We love a boy in a plaid suit! Jacob, who plays Alec, completely owned this style.

8. Audrey Grace Marshall

This pop art number is beyond adorbs, and Audrey's white boots totally bring it all together. This cutie portrays Lilah.

9. Tyler Posey

Ever the handsome rocker, this former Teen Wolf star—who portrays Ricky—will always have our hearts.

10. Sosie Bacon 

This 13 Reasons Why actress, who plays Audrey, wowed in this simple suit and dainty jewels—and we love!

Stoked for this flick? Same! Press play on the trailer below.


by Sydney Adamson | 5/1/2019