You can transform this dress into 5 cute, cheap + cinchy costumes

We love dressing up for Halloween, but finding the perf costume is sometimes a #struggle. You probably already have the base for about 4 amaze costumes hiding in your closet, though. Whether we're handing out candy on the porch or heading to our BFF's party, you can rock pair your fave little black dress with just a few simple accessories to make literally the easiest costume ever. (Bonus: It's *so* inexpensive!)

No LBD? Take a peek at these picks below to suit all of your silly and scary costume needs:

Yoins, $18 (get it here)

Yoins, $30 (get it here)

Now, onto the costumes!

1. A black cat


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For this costume, all you'll need is your LBD + the most adorable lacy pair of cat ears, a simple cat eye (time to test out those eyeliner skills!) and some *super* simple makeup artistry to give the whole catty effect (don't forget the whiskers). 

2. A witch

How great is it that you can toss on an adorable black dress, a cute pair of shoes and a hat (like this one) to be ready to walk out the door? This costume is definitely best if you're not in love with the idea of dressing up, but you still want an outfit ~to die~ for when you're with your girl gang.

3. A mouse

If you're a Mean Girls fan, you remember the hilarious and iconic Halloween party scene. With your simple LBD, all you need is a cute pair of mouse ears and a perfected Karen-esque voice to say, "I'm a mouse, duh!" when people ask you what you are, and you're set!

4. Wednesday Adaams from The Adaams Family 

Our favorite sociopathic child is back this Halloween, and she's *so* fun to dress as. This one is a little tricky with her long black braids, but that's what temporary hair color is for! Here's a can on Amazon that washes out in one shampoo - amazing, right?

Aside from the beauty side of things, Wednesday is an easy outfit to put together. Slip on a white collared shirt followed by your LBD, and you're ready to scare the neighbors! This one is so versatile that you can pair it with practically any shoes, just make sure they're black (just like Wednesday's soul).

5. Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians


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Last but not least, our queen villainess comes into the mix! Once you're rocking your dress, just slip on a faux fur shawl and some black and white costume jewelry and you'll look ready to steal some puppies! (If you want to go the extra mile, carry around a stuffed dalmation with you.)

Do you have a ~killer~ black dress costume idea? Share below!

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by Logan Potter | 10/18/2018