9 GIFs that are 100% you getting ready in the morning

Let's face it: There's nothing fun about weekday morningsIf you're anything like us, here's what you're doing on any given day of the week between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m.

1. Finding the delicate balance of hitting snooze the right amount of times and still having time to actually get ready.

2. Saying "Oh, I'll just do a small eyeliner wing today." 10 minutes later...

3. When your sibs try to push you out of the bathroom when your time isn't even up yet.

4. Putting on your favorite sweater only to realize it shrank in the wash.

5. Thinking, "OMG, these two pieces will look totally great together!" ...and then actually looking in the mirror.

6. Realizing that trying to find matching socks is more difficult than finding a boyfriend. 

7. Checking Insta quick and seeing that annoying popular girl at school with her perfect outfit. 

8. Walking outside and realizing your outfit is not-at-all weather appropriate.

9. Grabbing a granola bar before you walk out the door and calling it breakfast because, like, who can be bothered?!

What's your least favorite part of your morning routine? Sound off below!


by Sydney Adamson | 10/4/2019