Fashion 101: Your guide to surviving finicky fall weather

Depending on where you live, you've probably managed to bring a couple of your fave shorts and crop tops into the school year. One morning, you walk outside rocking that fabulous floral print skirt and feeling great. Hours later, and the crisp autumn air is hitting you like a ton of bricks. Don't go reaching for your winter coat just yet, these five tips will help you survive the ups and downs of fall weather in style.

1. Layer, layer, layer!
Layering the right way can seem a little intimidating, but mastering this look will bring you to a whole other level of style, while staying warm...or cool. It can go either way with this sometimey fall weather. Put on your lightest layer first, this can be your fave crop top from the summer, a simple tank or T-shirt. Next start layering up with something a little heavier—a flannel or other button up shirt is perfect for this. Depending on how cold it may be, you can rock a sweater over or under your flannel. If at this point you're still feeling a little chilly, throw on a light jacket. You can have some fun with lengths here and try a long trench or wool coat, or keep it classic with one of those olive green utility jackets or a denim jacket. Now you have multiple layers to keep you warm that can be taken off and rearranged as necessary if you get a little warm. No longer will you have to choose between being too hot in a big jacket or too cold in a T-shirt!

2. The bigger the bag, the better
We just talked about all those wonderful layered pieces to keep you ready for any weather. Pair that with a big bag to hold all your daily essentials as well as any of the layers you chose to take off. This way you won't be bogged down holding a million articles of clothing if you get hot and you wont look like a bag lady with an overstuffed purse. A leather tote in a warm fall hue or a cute bookbag with lots of room will be perfect for this funtional and fashionable fall fit.

3. Toes out!
Don't put those toes away just yet! We can stretch sandal season for a little while longer, can't we? On a mild day, a pair of your darker summer sandals will add some spice to any fall outfit. A traditional strappy shoe or your fave pair of Birkenstocks will do the trick. Show off those cute fall polish colors, or with the right type of shoe, go for the sandal and socks look. Be careful of the socks you choose though. DO find a cute pair of patterned or solid color socks to add some color to your fit, DON'T go grabbing your last pair of sweat socks to complete this look. Pair your sandals with your fave pair of boyfriend jeans for an effortlessly cool ensemble.

4. Let it breathe
With the ever-changing weather of fall, the type of fabric you chose is essential. You can layer like a pro, but if you're swimming in heavy, bulky fabrics it defeats the purpose. Stick to lighter fabrics as the weather starts to change. A lightweight linen or cotton piece will keep you cool and collected. The heaviest layer should be the biggest piece of clothing in your outfit. For example, if you're wearing a knit sweater or a wool jacket, keep the rest of your outfit lightweight so you can stay comfy. We can save that corduroy and fleece for the end of the season.

5. Summer, but make it fall
Last but not least, we're gonna take a summer outfit and make it fall. Have a super cute summer dress you're not wiling to pack up just yet? No problem. Throw on some opaque tights in black or any of your favorite fall colors (just make sure your're matching!). Feeling warm enough to show off your legs? Go for it! Your favorite cutoffs will go great with a long sleeve tee and a light oversized cardigan. Try a pair of boots or sneakers on your feet so you don't look too top heavy. Keeping your outfit balanced is key. 

What's your favorite fall look? Let us know in the comments. 

by Cydnii Jones | 10/8/2017
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