Get around your strict dress code with these amazing accessories

Does your school have a super harsh dress code? No worries! There are still many ways to maneuver around even the strictest of rules and regulations when it comes to clothes and show off your personality. Here are some great back-to-school accessories that do just that.

Photo credit: Etsy.

  • watch.jpg

    This black, polka dot watch is simple, cute, and goes with virtually any school uniform! You'll look great, and it will you get you to class on time which your teachers will love. You can snag one here

  • pencil_case.jpg

    This pencil case is perfect. It passes easily as a back-to-school necessity, but it's also really cute and practical! It has a good amount of storage, fits in your binder with its three-hole punch on the side, and the best part? You can design it yourself by putting your initials on the cover and choosing the colors! Check it out by clicking here.  

  • necklace.jpg

    A necklace with your initial is an easy way to rock a little bling without being too flashy. It's small, sweet and simple. What's there to hate? Check this one out from Etsy which also has a cool little butterfly on the side. 

  • headbands.jpg

    A headband is a great way to add a little flare to a boring uniform or strict dress code. These DIY headbands from Etsy allow you to choose three colors to combine into the sweetest of headgear, perfect for showing off your creativity.

  • planner.jpg

    Show off your creative and studious side with this cute planner! It keeps you organized and stands out amongst all the other boring planners. You can get this one here or check out other ones like it!

  • inspirational_rings.jpg

    These simple, inspirational rings look fabulous and can motivate you in school. They're noticeable but not too over-the-top, allowing you to make a statement without getting into any trouble. You can get them by clicking here.

  • glasses_case.jpg

    This cute case keeps your glasses secure while revealing your funny, cute and quirky self. This penguin one is from Etsy, and there are so many more just as sweet.

  • french_tip_kit.jpg

    Add a little glam to your life with some French tips! A French manicure looks clean and classy without any extreme colors that would be inappropriate for some school dress codes. You don't even have to go to a salon to get these done! Pick up a DIY French manicure kit here.

  • computer_decal.jpg

    While you take notes in class, show everyone how much you love pandas with a sticker like this one. If you don't like pandas for some reason, there are plenty of other ones to choose! Computer decals are great because they add a little flare to your computer and reveal your favorite animal, food, TV show or book at the same time.

  • buttons.jpg

    These buttons are absolutely perfect for decorating any backpack, tote or lunchbox. They add some glam to your bag and these ones from Etsy also have some sweet quotes on the front to help get you through a tough day at school.


by Frannie Rooney | 8/26/2017
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