How to throw a fab fall fashion shoot with your friends

Fall fashion is here! And since you’ve basically shopped ‘til you dropped, collecting new jeans, boots, dresses, sweaters and accessories for back-to-school, you want to show your stuff off, right? What better way to do that than a fashion glamour shoot with friends? Check out GL’s list below of the best ways you and your BFFs can get your photo op on.

1. Assemble a lookbook for the shoot. Gather a group of outfits that would look great paired together! Maybe this is organized by theme, color or even style. But allow yourself to act as a designer.

2. Choose a setting! Is this an indoor shoot? A park project? Whatever it is, make sure to single out a spot that works with the vibe of the outfits you chose. And somewhere you can have fun!

3. Decor, decor, decor. Setting is one thing, but backdrop and extra flare is another. Scrounge up some props that will really enhance the theme you’re going for. Fun photo booth props, hats, scarves, etc. Get quirky with it!

4. Look for good lighting. Sometimes the sun will try and steal your spotlight. Don’t let it! Play around with different angles and see what works best. This will definitely help you channel your inner photographer.

5. The camera? Well, that’s kind of the most important part. You don't need a fancy camera to conduct your photoshoot, though. Cell phones already have great cameras with tons of self-timer apps and ways to access effects. If you don’t have an iPhone, ask to borrow a friend's or parent's.

6. Worried about striking a pose and looking funny? Who cares! Get over that stage fright, girl. This should just be an opportunity for you and your friends to make memories and have some fun. (And if your friends make you feel bad about the way you look, well, maybe they aren’t really the best friends for you anyway!)

Have any fashion photo shoot ideas? Share with us in the comments below!


by Maggie Medoff | 9/3/2017
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