The easiest ways to take your wardrobe from winter to spring

Hey there, fashion babes! As we move quickly through March, the weather is heating up…which means you’ll need to re-evaluate that puffer jacket and your beloved Uggs. We’re bringing you some easy tips to make that effortless winter-to spring fashion transition without draining your bank account. 

When dealing with changing temps, it’s *all* about mixing and matching pieces you already own from different seasons to create the ultimate ensemble.

Sweet sweaters. Don’t put away your soft sweaters just yet. Instead, try layering them over a floral sundress to rock a look that's springy, yet still warm. This trick is amazing because you don’t have to go out of your way to buy anything new. You can use a dress you already have hidden away with your other summer clothes. 

Blanc bottoms. It’s still a little chilly, so pants are sometimes necessary. Instead of slipping into the same old dark pair of jeans you’ve been wearing all winter, opt for a white pair for a totally different look. These scream, “I’m ready for summer!” and are *super* trendy. If you’re buying new white jeans, make sure to try them on before you buy. It’s essential to find a pair that isn’t see-through!

Lovely layers. Take a sweet T-shirt and add a thick cardigan or a lightweight jacket to prevent any chills. If you get too hot in class (we know how crazy school temps can be!), you can easily ditch the jacket. Pro tip: The more details you layer (sweater, denim jacket, necklace, lightweight scarf...), the more you will look like that professional fashion blogger you’ve been eyeing on Insta. 

Sweet shoulders. An alternative to bare legs is bare shoulders. Pair your fave skinny jeans, sneaks and a sleeveless top to be ultra comfy. Take a cue from the latest trends and try out an off-the-shoulder top or one with shoulder cut outs. The key is to balance your pieces so you aren’t too hot or too cold. 

Pretty pastels. As March is really unpredictable in the weather category, bare shoulders and legs might not be practical; however, pastels are always the right call. Jeans, cardis and jackets look fabulous in light, pretty hues. Dressing in pastels, even if the clothes are thick and made for winter flurries, will ensure that you know summer is coming.

Beguiling booties. Don’t freeze your toes off and wear sandals prematurely—try a bootie instead of riding boots or Uggs for an updated spring look. Chances are, you own at least one pair, and these cuties will look perfect worn with a dress and jean jacket to class. 

What’s your favorite staple fashion piece to wear as we transition from winter to spring? Let us know in the comments!

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by Jacqueline Burnett | 3/18/2018