Fashion with a fairy tale ending

Once upon a time, there was a girl with fab accessories. You! Hollywood’s hot for fairy tales right now  (Beastly, anyone?) and so are the most glam girls around. From Little Red totes to sea creature rings, GL’s got four fairy tale-inspired accessories that are bound to enchant your style and charm your friends.


Reusable totes are perfect for books and gym gear. A big plus? The cute wolf container will keep your tote contained when you don’t need it.

Big Bag Wolf Tote, $27,

Channel your inner Snow White with this chipmunk pendant. Every princess has an army of furry BFFs helping her out. Plus, animal pendants allow you to keep your own forest friend entourage close to your heart.

Chipmunk Necklace, $2,


A glittering swan necklace speaks for itself (think:  no ugly ducklings in sight!). Wear with a pastel cardi and loose top for a chill look.

Swan Dive Charm Necklace, $17,


Dive under the sea with a unique fish ring. It’ll be your new go-to, just like Flounder was to Ariel. Makes a serious splash.

Fish Wrap Ring, $19,

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by Alyssa Bailey | 2/1/2016