5 speedy school uniform updates

Uniforms can sometimes be a drag, but hey, it takes the trickiness out of what to wear, right? Even so, we’ve got five cute and quick ways you can personalize your school uniform for spring (without breaking any dress code rules).

Try shoe clips. Snap these babies onto your fave flats and switch ’em out when you get bored. A flower here, a bow there, it’ll feel like you’re wearing a new pair each day of the week (score!). Heart Shoe Clips, $25,

Add a fun printed scarf to your ensemble. Choose a pretty lightweight scarf in your school’s colors and learn to tie different knots here.

Rock a fun headpiece. Channel Blair Waldorf and find a show-stopping headband that matches your style. It’ll shake up the plain skirt and button-down you wear everyday.

Bright tights or fun legwarmers can lighten up your everyday look.  From lace to crochet, polka dot to two-tone, the world of legwear is awash in possibilities.
Grape-tastic Tights, $22,

Switch things up with a waist-cinching belt around that cardi. Has the added benefit of slimming your middle while making you look ultra chic. Talk about double duty.
Be My Bow Belt in Gray, $13,


by Sashie Israel and Jessica D'Argenio | 2/1/2016