Your ultimate guide to the big summer chop

We're calling this the summer of the bob! Celebs from Zendaya to Gigi Hadid are sporting shorter, chic hairstyles as we break for summer vacay.

Not sure if you're ready for the big change yet? Here's why shorter hair might just be the best decision you make this summer...

What to consider

Before taking the plunge and making the chop, browse Pinterest to find inspo for your cut. Everything from face shape, hair texture and environment can play a role in your finished style, so its always good to look for examples from girls with similar features. (For example, if you have an oval face shape, an angular bob would suit you best.)

When you book an appointment, don't be shy to have a frank conversation with your hairstylist to talk about what you are and aren't looking for in your cut. Stylists know what they're doing and can provide insight into maintenance, so it's always a good idea to talk out the process before taking the leap.

And don't forget that hair *always* grows back—so don't shy away from stepping out of your comfort zone.


The benefits

Short hair = less maintenance time

You can say bye to lengthy blow-drying sessions and wrestling with a hairbrush in the morning. It's also a life-saver during the hot summer months (no more sweaty necks!).

If you're worried about styling, have no fear. Contrary to popular belief, short hair offers plenty of versatility. Whether you go for a sleek, straight bob or tousled beach waves, shorter hairstyles have a knack for bringing out your facial features and drawing attention to your eyes and natural beauty.


Maintenance and styling

Once you've gone for the cut, it's important to invest in maintaining the look. Try OGX Biotin and Collagen Hair Thickening Shampoo to keep your hair healthy from roots to tip or MONDAY Haircare Volume Shampoo for finer or thinner hair.

If you've decided that you like your fresh cut, regular trims are a good way to keep your style sharp and polished! It's best to schedule a mini trim every six to eight weeks depending on your desired length, especially if you want to prevent split ends. 

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by Megha Gupta | 6/11/2024