Your ultimate guide to Sabrina Carpenter's "Espresso" look

Question: Can we always feel like "that's that me, espresso"? Sabrina Carpenter's latest single "Espresso" has us all *obsessed*—it's basically summer, sass and pop princess all in one. 

Sabrina definitely has her signature look, and it's all the more sparkly and girly in the "Espresso" music video. PSA: The "it" look for summer is sooo the sunkissed, glowy and bronzed vibe we see from Sabrina (and it's totally easy to replicate).

We're working late, 'cause we made the perf beauty guide to the ultimate "Espresso" look. 

Glowy and sunkissed base

We absolutely heart a good sunkissed base—it simply makes any summery look, well, summery. To look like a glowy goddess, we recommend using dewy drops with your moisturizer (we love the Saie Lightweight Glowy Gel). Depending on the pigment you choose, glowy drops will give you a bronzed look and radiant finish. The key is to apply a light base layer instead of going for more of a full-coverage look! 

Ofc, for that extra sparkle (bc you can never have enough), opt in for some liquid highlighter. Liquid-based products tend to give you more of a dewy and effortless finish than other types of highlighters. Do whatever works for you, but the Rare Beauty Liquid Luminizer works like a charm. 

Blush much? 


Is it ever a complete Sabrina-inspired makeup look without rosy cheeks? Spoiler alert: never. Blush is the *cutest* addition to any sweet look (is it that sweet? I guess so). Again, you can use whichever blush works for you, but we love liquid or cream-based blushes for that dewy effect. And for the ultimate "Espresso" shade, we recommend opting for a peachy and warm-toned pigment. Don't know where to start? Try the Milk Makeup Cream Blush Stick

Classic eye makeup 

You can never go wrong with a classic lush set of lashes—tbh, any mascara will do! However, for that light and refreshing "Espresso" look, we suggest keeping things more on the simple side. For eyeshadow, a simple pink or bronzed shade will work (bonus points if it matches your blush shade)! If you want a little something more, definitely add some glittery eyeshadow pigment (try this Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow) to tie together your look.

Finishing touches 

If you're trying to channel your inner Sabrina, we say go big or go home. To check off all those little details, try adding some freckles with a brow pencil on your nose and cheeks! It gives a super cute finish to the summery "Espresso" look. 

For lips, opt in for a darker pink/orange look—aka, shades like guava, persimmon, blood orange etc. Lip liner is a *must* (we heart the Haus Labs Lip Crayon), glazed with a glossy finish (Tower 28 Tinted Lip Balm). 

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Slider and top image: @sabrinacarpenter


by Anne Chen | 5/24/2024