The perfect evening skincare routine for dry skin girlies

Ah, winter. While we heart cozy days by the fire and hot caramel lattes, this season also comes with *super* dry skin. If you struggle with flakiness during the colder months, we're here to help. We've put together a simple five-step skincare routine to follow each night to keep your skin glowy through February (and beyond!).



Amazon, $17

Perhaps the most crucial part of any care routine: a good cleanser. Because there is likely a lot of buildup (think: products, sweat and dirt—yuck!) on your face after a long day, it's good to start off with a simple wash. Not only will this formula get your face squeaky clean, but it will also remove makeup


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Another essential dry skin basic? A good moisturizer. This bottle from CeraVe helps hydrate skin without making your face oily. Win-win! 

Face mask

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Looking to add some bonus fun into your skincare routine? Grab this pack of sheet masks that come in a multitude of formulas and are guaranteed to have your skin glistening (get ready to wake up to a glowy, fresh face).

Hand soap

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Yes, skincare *does* include your hands—so use this sudsy soap to get 'em squeaky clean. Not only does it smell amazing (your hands will smell like a full-on garden), but when pumped, it reveals a flower on your hand. Adorable!

Hand cream

Amazon, $4

Dry knuckles killing your perf mani game? Been there. Try this long-lasting hand cream with eucalyptus extract to kiss flakey fingers goodbye. At only $4, who said good skin care has to be expensive? 

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by Madeline Morrow | 2/22/2023