The trendiest colors to dye your hair this fall

It's fall, y'all! The perfect time of year for a change. After all, the leaves get to, so why not you? This fall, we're going for eye-catching looks that are sure to turn heads in the hallways. Here are our top 5 trendiest ways to dye your hair this fall!

Fiery red


Red is easily one of the prettiest and most iconic of the fall colors. Bold and beautiful, red is the perfect color to display confidence and stand out amongst the fall color palette. Whether you're going for a subtle strawberry blonde or a vibrant neon, red is the perfect color to ring in the autumn weather. For a bright red, try Artic Fox's Wrath. Try this red hair here.

Astounding auburn


Auburn is one of the more warm and inviting colors on our list. It gives off PSL realness and goes great with literally every color. Not too red, but not too brown, auburn is a perfect middle ground between classic and contemporary. Try this auburn color here.

Polished purple


Hear us out: Purple has become one of the most popular hair colors recently and we totally see why. It's bold, bright and super exciting color. If you're looking to stand out with a bright color, this is the perfect dye for you. Try this purple hair here.

Chocolate brown


Looking for a more natural look for this fall? This gorgeous dark brown is a great way to shake up your look while also keeping a natural color. The perfect Meg March shade of brown can be found in a Dark Brown 40 (Chocolate Brown) bottle of Nutrisse hair dye. Try this dark brown dye here.

Bewitching black


Fall means Halloween is coming, so it's the ideal time to go for a holiday look! Black hair is a natural color that is extremely versatile. It's the perfect color for all the cutest Halloween costumes and as everyone knows, black goes with every outfit! Try this black dye here.

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by Grace Transom | 11/10/2022