Is a skincare fridge worth the price? We break it down for you

This trendy, hip skincare gadget has been gaining insane amounts of popularity for over a year now. #minifridgeshelfie has been consuming the IG feed. More and more retailers are starting to sell them online. You've probably seen it on Urban Outfitters' website, or on many beauty influencers' IG feeds. Aside from the cuteness factor, is it really worth buying? We will give you all the pros and cons to help you figure it out. 


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Why you should consider getting one...

If you use organic or natural beauty products you might want to consider getting a beauty fridge. That is because it will extend the shelf life for those organic or natural products such as vitamin c or retinol that might be lacking the ingredients needed for a longer lifespan.


Another reason you should consider getting a beauty fridge is if you're a sheet mask *lover*. Products like sheet masks that are meant to soothe and relax your skin are 10x more effective when they're chilled.


Using an anti-itch lotion after it's been sitting in a beauty fridge will make your skin feel *so* soothed. Not to mention, aloe and under-eye creams work the same way. The cold temperature relaxes your skin and calms it down. It helps for de-puffing your eyes and brightens your skin.


If you own a trendy face roller, a common method would be to store them in a beauty fridge. They offer the same cooling sensation as skincare products do when they've been cooled. Doing this will decrease puffiness as well as redness. 


“Interest in skincare products and certainly the visual display of a mini-refrigerator of nicely colored bottles in photos is probably a big part of the fascination,” says Hadley King, a New York City-based dermatologist.


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Why you don't need to waste your money on it

Let's make something clear, all of the pros listed above are just *added benefits*, none of them are necessities. You do not NEED a cosmetic fridge.


A cosmetic fridge is not recommended for makeup, it really just adds aesthetic to your IG feed.


There is no real scientific evidence that proves how refrigerating your skincare makes them more efficient. After all, most skincare products survive and are productive beyond their expedition date. 


Keep in mind that you are inputting another fridge in your home so it is going to require more energy to run. If you *really* want a mini beauty fridge try carving out a section of your kitchen fridge first. See if you like the way your products feel on your face first. Then if you really fall in love with the way they feel consider buying it. 


Given the colder temperature, makeup might harden when kept in the fridge, causing it to not apply as well. 


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Hopefully, these pros and cons will help put an end to your procrastination over the adorable tiny fridge trend. Will you be running to add one of these to your shopping cart, or will you be deleting it from your cart?




by Hayley Miller | 8/6/2020