Why *so* many celebs love chopping off their locks

Spring is almost here and for some people that means it's time for a change. Some girls will dye their hair a shade lighter or add layers, while others will go for a more dramatic change like chopping off all of their locks! Whether you just want to try something new for the season or, like Katy Perry, you just experienced a bad break up, going short may be the best decision you make this year. Check out some of our fave celebs below who have chopped off their hair and why you should go short too.

It's low maintenance
When you have long hair, you end up using tons of conditioner, spend tons of time brushing out *all* the knots and worry about having enough time to blow dry your hair before you leave. That's all before you even began to style it! With short hair, you just wash, dry and put a bit of product it in it—that's it! Kristen Stewart buzzed her hair for an upcoming role because it was much more practical than dealing with long hair, and we definitely dig the look.

Donate, donate, donate
Some people with long hair become attached to it and have a fear of parting with it, but when you can donate your hair to help someone who has lost theirs, you should. Isabela Moner said goodbye to her locks recently and is now rocking a fierce pixie cut. She donated her hair to Wigs for Kids.

Change it up
If you've had long hair since you can remember, why not go for something totally different? You never know what you're going to look like until you do it and even if you hate it, remember this: it will grow back. After a recent break up, Katy Perry debuted her short new 'do and it looks *so* fab on her!

Bold and beautiful
Cutting you hair short is sure to affect your self-confidence—but in a positive way. Your idea and perception of beauty will change, and so will the way you perceive yourself. Rihanna was already a fashion icon when she cut her locks and after rocking the pixie cut her stylish status went through the roof—her confidence probably did, too!

Time to experiment
Having short hair allows for much more experimentation to be done when it comes to color and length. Start off with a chop that's a little longer and keep going shorter until you love it. Changing the color is also way easier when you have less hair. Miley Cyrus had been lightening her hair for a few months before she debuted her short 'do in a platinum blonde shade. 

Get a fresh start 
If you have long hair or hair that has been dyed, getting a shorter cut is perfect for you! Say goodbye to your split ends and damaged hair to start over with healthier hair. Amandla Stenberg buzzed hers for her role in the upcoming film Where Hands Touch and she says she's loving the freedom it gives her.

Have you had a pixie cut? Would you ever think about getting one? Let us know in the comments below! 

Photo credit: People, Isabela Money, Refinery29, H-Styles, Amandla StenbergPinterest

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by Cali Drouillard | 3/17/2017