Waxing vs. threading eyebrows—here's what you need to know

While scrolling through Insta or looking at pics of your favorite celebs on the red carpet, you’ve probably come across tons of bold, fierce eyebrows. The question is, though, how do they make their brows look so amazing!?

While most celebs have makeup artists, you can definitely replicate those makeup looks or just clean up your brows (without tweezing them yourself!) just like they do by getting them waxed or threading them. What's the difference between the two? And which method is best for you? Read on for everything you need to know to decide!


During an eyebrow wax, a professional will put a thin layer of wax over the section of unwanted hair and quickly pull it off with a cloth strip, leaving shaped, clean brows. Waxing can only get rid of hair that’s about 1/4 of an inch or longer, so before you book an appointment, you'll have to let the hairs grow out a little. Since waxing encourages hair to grow back a bit thinner it may be a good option if you’ve got thicker hair.

Along with the hair, waxing can remove a small amount of skin. If you’ve got sensitive skin or are worried about an allergic reaction, threading might be the safer choice. Dermatologists also recommend threading to gals who use acne medication or topical retinoids.


Threading requires only a piece of string and some talent to do. The threader twists the thread and moves it back and forth against the skin, which pulls out the hairs. It’s like tweezing, but at lightning speed. The whole process takes about 15 minutes or less, and you’ll walk away with defined eyebrows and smooth skin around them.

Threading is the more precise method, since the threader removes the hairs row by row and the string can pull out super-fine hairs. Fewer salons offer threading than waxing, though, so finding a place might be tough depending on where you live.

Both choices have similar costs and give results that last two to four weeks. With either method, it’s natural for the skin to be a little red right after.

Consider what you’re comfortable with and how sensitive your skin is when making your choice. When you’re ready, ask your friends or search online for a credible salon and then ask a parent to take you.

What’s your go-to method for sprucing up your brows? Tell us in the comments!


by Grace Zhou | 8/18/2019
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