Quiz - Build your ultimate hot chocolate and we’ll reveal which fall jacket you should rock


News flash: It's officially cozy season! That means it's time to dress the part with stylish sweaters, bold booties, ripped-up jeans and, of course, a chic jacket. And we can't forget about the sweetest accessory of all: a sweet sip to warm you from the inside out. (We're talking about hot chocolate, obvi.)


But just like styling a rad outfit from your wardrobe, there are endless possibilities to choose from when concocting a delish drink. Whipped cream? Sprinkles? Milk chocolate...or dark? Pieces of peppermint? A drizzle of caramel? The list goes on.


We're making this a two birds, one stone sitch: Answer six simple questions to build your ultimate cup of cocoa...and we'll pair you with the perf JouJou jacket to rock this fall. From presh patterns to edgy accents and light wash to dark, there's a JouJou jacket fit to please every palette. 


OK, let's start with the base. What kind of chocolate are you craving?


Now let's add a few pumps of...


Whipped cream or nah?


Any sauce?


Any other yummy toppings?


And what does your hot chocolate mug look like?