Quiz - Which Aéropostale look should you rock right now?

This quiz is sponsored by Aéropostale.


The single greatest thing about self-espression? It can manifest in a multitude of ways. The most fun avenue to show off your true self, if you ask us—and Sabrina Carpenter—is with fashion. 


The singer and actress recently dropped a crop of clothes with Aéropostale and we're obsessed with every. single. piece. From do-it-all denim and cinchy sets to dainty dresses and grungy tanks, the collection is as stylish as you are imaginative. What that means: You can reinvent yourself through your clothes whenever you want, just like Sab. "I've developed my personal style over time, and it's still developing!" she says. "Every day I'm like a new version of Sabrina."


So whether your vibe is cute and classic or bold and boho, there's a style that matches *every* personality. So which look is most *you*? Take the quiz to find out!


 Pssst!  Every girl who takes this quiz can enter to win the *ultimate* Aéropostale wardrobe selected by Sabrina herself!


Pick a color:


What are your go-to warm-weather shoes?


What's your dream job?


It's brunch time! You always order...


If you could choose any artist to tour with Sabrina, it would be...


You just found out that your crush is crushing back! What's your first flirt move?


What's you fave school subject?


How would your friends describe you?


You and your besties are all working on the spring theater production. What part do you play?