Quiz - Are you shy or a social butterfly?

Shy Emmie isn't the most popular girl in school, and she finds herself in a bit of a pickle—but when fearless Katie comes along, she shows Emmie how to stand up for herself and prove to the world just how great she is. The girls go on an epic journey of love, laughter and self-discovery in Terri Libenson's debut novel Invisible Emmie.

Take the quiz below to find out if you're more like Emmie or Katie. But first, snag your copy of this adorable read from HarperCollins HERE or in bookstores everywhere.


Your dream vacation is just around the corner. How will you spend your time at the beach?


When it comes to your makeup routine, your style could be described as...


It's Monday morning and you wake up with a sore throat. How do you spend your day off?


You've got front-row seats to the best concert ever! Which is...


After months of coaxing, your mom finally buys you...


You totally spaced on the essay that's due tomorrow. What do you do?


If you were to work on a movie set, where would you be?


Your crush invited you to his birthday bash. How do you prepare?