Quiz - Pick your favorite ships and we'll give you the perfect fall date idea


Oh, fall: A season of apple cider, pumpkin spice and holding hands with your partner while strolling through a fallen leaf-scattered trail. In our opinion, it's quite possibly the *best* season to have a bae, but we also understand how it can be tricky to routinely invent new date ideas that you both will love. Don't fear! Simply choose between some trendy fictional ships and we'll give you a fun way to enjoy the season with your significant other. By Madeline Morrow


Choose a wizarding world power couple:


Choose a fantasy or dystopian couple who could battle anything together:


You know what they say: Couples that can survive an alternative dimension together, stay together. Which is your fave Stranger Things pairing?


Not to stir the pot, but who was Rory's best boyfriend?


Finally, pick a dynamic Disney duo: