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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE! Caroline Romano's new single "Power Suit" is *all* about empowerment

We are living in an era of strong and spectacular women—and Caroline Romano knows it. The singer-songwriter is premiering her *iconic* new track "Power Suit" exclusively with Girls' Life, and we're so pumped to throw alllll the dance parties to this sure-to-be hit.

Listen to "Power Suit" right now!

"I'd actually come up with the concept of 'Power Suit' for a K-pop song I was writing, but I liked the idea so much I decided to run with it," Caroline tells us. "The song itself is very inspired by K-pop—especially artists like Blackpink and BTS—and how their music is often so uplifting and powerful. I hope 'Power Suit" can encapsulate the strength that comes with embracing what makes each one of us so unique and special."

We totally agree—and we can't stop listening! Presave "Power Suit" HERE.

Image Credit: Ford Fairchild

by Katherine Hammer | 10/22/2020