How to brighten your teacher’s day from far away

Online school got you feeling down? We feel you, girl. School just isn't the same without your BFFs and favortie teachers, is it? It might seem surprising, but your teachers are probably missing you, too!

Despite the longs days and hard work, teachers truly love what they do. Even though you may not be able to see your teachers in person right now, it doesn't mean you can't show that you're thinking of them! Check out these super sweet ways to send your teachers some love from afar.


Send some snail mail

As cheesy as it may sound, there's nothing like a handwritten letter! Sure, you could send a quick email and say hi, but why not go the extra mile? Take a study break and write a letter to let your teachers know what you've been up to during quarantine (besides your homework, of course), and how much you appreciate their virtual work. 

Sweet treats

Lots of us have been keeping busy in the kitchen during quarantine; why not share some of your best creations with your teachers? Take that new cookie recipe you've mastered and put it to use. Sending a care package full of goodies to your teacher will *totally* make his or her day.

Zoom over for a party
Who says you only have to use Zoom for class? Reach out to your teacher and ask if it's ok if your class holds a Zoom party at the end of the week. You can agree on a schedule or theme—maybe you each take a turn to talk about your favorite memory from the year or your favorite sport. Some carefree convo will remind you of what it's like to really be together. 

Are you missing your teachers right now? Let us know down below!


by Paris Johnson | 4/21/2020