Here’s how to create the *perfect* online school workspace at home

Online classes got you in a funk? Girl, we get it. School can be hard enough, and without the company of your besties and the jokes of your fave teachers, it can be kind of a drag. Don't fret though, bb—we have some tips to jazz up your home workspace and make the most of your #socialdistancing spring

1. Get out of bed

As tempting as it may sound to do homework from your bed, creating a distinct workspace is *key* to keeping your focus on your work. Keep your bed for sleeping, Netflix and all-too-important FaceTime calls with your squad.

2. Make your space comfy and cute 


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Whether you're sitting at a desk or your kitchen table, comfort is super important when working from home. Keep from slouching with a laptop stand like this one, hang up some motivational quotes and cute pics with your besties and you'll be cranking through your work in no time. 

3. Let a little light in

Try doing your work near a window—you'll soak in some *sweet* vitamin D and get some natural light shining on your workspace. Can someone say yes, please? 

4. Keep a planner nearby 


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Without your teachers or BFFs around for reminders, keeping track of deadlines is a must right now. Go online and shop for a planner or calendar with a cute print (we think this one is adorbs) and start penciling in your quizzes, HW and more.

What's your favorite part of your at-home workspace? Let us know down below!


by Paris J. | 4/4/2020