The summer homework struggle is real—here's how to handle it

Don’t mean to bum you out, but alas: Summer homework is a thing. Whether you’re overloaded with honors courses or have just a few required classes, it can be tempting to put off your summer homework ‘til the last minute. The beach isn’t nice all year long! At the same time, you know if you put it off, you’ll be scrambling right before school. Is there any 'right' way to tackle summer homework? Relax: here’s the DL on when to get it over with.

Space it out
It’s more than likely that you have multiple subjects to work on. Math problems here, assigned reading there. Don’t plan on tackling it all at once. It’s best for the quality of your work and your mental health to space your subjects out. One week can be devoted to crushing your math problems, and the next can cover your reading. This way, you won’t be starting the year off with an A+ in Lit and a C- in math.

Consistency is key
We all get those moments when we are *genuinely* motivated to get things done. Clean the house, walk the dog, and write three essays? NBD. But motivation goes away, and it becomes easy to put things off, especially when you’ve already made some progress. Avoid the slump! Staying consistent as you work will make sure you get it done well before your deadlines.

Don’t rush
Maybe you want to get your homework out of the way ASAP. This can work, but it depends on your learning style. If you think you’ve mastered the material already, feel free not to think of it until September. But if you rushed through it and know you’ll forget the material the minute you step into the classroom, it’s a good idea to go over your work again. That way, going back to the classroom will be a breeze.

Keep calm
Sometimes, doing the work isn’t the problem. It’s the work itself that's *insanely* confusing. Don’t fear. If you don’t know anyone who can help, try reaching out to your teachers for some clarity. And there’s always resources on the Internet, like Khan Academy. At the end of the day, summer work is meant to keep you learning in the stretch between school years. Getting it done is important, but don’t stress if you think it’s not one-hundred-percent correct. You’ll be going back to school prepared and ready to rock.

How do you stay on top of summer work? 


by Bailey Bujnosek | 6/20/2019
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