Studying in the shower? It's a thing...and *this* is why it works

Singing in the shower is so last year. It’s time to study in the shower. Yes, it might sound weird, but trust us it totally works! If you need a break from normal study techniques this might just be the idea for you. There’s no better place to study than in your shower!

You may be asking, alright studying in the shower, but why? And here’s the answer for you: there are no distractions except maybe the water beating on your back. There are no screens or Snapchats to respond to, there isn’t any music to adjust one more time before you start studying. It’s just you and your notes, and the white noise of the water splashing down. Because there are no electronics, there’s no clock allowing you to watch the time fade away while you procrastinate. It’s time to study now not after five more minutes of Instagram time, but now. 

Okay, you’re sold on the idea right? Well, here are the logistics. Print out your notes, and slip them into plastic sleeves. These ones work great. Once your shower heats up you can stick the plastic sleeve onto the wall of your shower, and the condensation will hold it up. Cool right? Then it’s time to study like you normally would. Be mindful of how long you spend in the shower, we need to take care of Mother Earth. 

Happy studying! Are you going to try this technique? Let us know in the comments below!


by Margot Kohler | 5/31/2018