5 ways to make friends—and a difference—in your school this year

As a student, you’re busy with homework, extra-currics and hanging out with friends, but who says you can’t start making a difference in the world, too? There are tons of ways you can create positive change in your community and outside of it—read on for just a few of them!

Ask your teachers if they need any help
Your teachers work hard to plan lessons and grade your work, so lighten their load a bit by helping them out. If you have a free period or arrive at school early, ask them if there’s anything you can do around the classroom. They might have you put up decorations, wipe down desks or organize materials. Even if they don’t have anything for you to do, they’ll likely be touched by the gesture.

Bake cupcakes for your favorite class
Bringing a surprise treat for your classmates is sure to brighten everyone’s day. They might have just taken a hard test or received a bad grade, and an unexpected sweet could be just the right thing to cheer them up.

Join a volunteer club
These clubs will give you tons of opportunities to volunteer and help out the community, from collecting canned food to sewing blankets to tutoring kids. Plus, you’ll surround yourself with people who also care about helping others. Sign up to join one at the beginning of the year, or ask around to find out the meeting dates and times. Later, after participating for a while, you might get the chance to become a club officer. This means you’ll get more control over what the club does and will have a group of members who will help you achieve your community service visions.

Start a fundraiser or drive
Passionate about literacy or hunger or homelessness? Try gathering friends who also want to help, and talk to a teacher about the possibility of launching a school-wide drive or fundraising event to make a difference in your cause. With the whole school participating, you’ll be able to accomplish amazing things.

Talk to a new student
If it seems like the new kid hasn’t made many friends yet, chat him or her up! This action may not involve many people, but it certainly leaves a huge impression on one. Being new can be lonely and scary, but *you* have the power to change that.

What are some ways you’ve made your school better? Tell us in the comments below!

by Grace Zhou | 9/2/2019
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