Bad grades? *This* is how to form a successful study group

One of the best ways to stay on top of your schoolwork is to form a study group. Working with your peers is an amazing way to retain information and clear up any confusion you have on a subject. Not to mention, it totally reduces the amount of time you'll need to spend on homework *and* you'll get to kick it with you pals while learning. Check out these awesome tips that will help you create the best study group ever.

Set a time
Chat with your peers about how often you'd like to meet, how long you'll study and where you'll gather. Use your studying time wisely! For example, start your meetings by comparing notes and making sure everyone understands the material. Once you're all on the same page, try working on the homework problems together. Not only will you have a more interactive learning experience, you'll get your homework done, too!

Bring snacks
There is *nothing* more distracting than an empty stomach. Create a snack schedule so everyone knows when it's their turn to bring the noms. Aim for healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables, pretzel sticks or trail mix. 

Be open
Make sure everyone feels welcome to join your study group! This doesn't need to be an exclusive hangout—you're there to learn. If your crew gets too big, break into smaller groups when you feel things are getting hectic. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be a part of your study group. After all, the more the merrier! 

Stay on task
We know catching up with your friends is way more appealing than *actually* studying, but staying on task is essential for a successful study sesh. Take a short break halfway through to chat or recharge if you need, but don't let it run longer than 10 minutes. Keep distractions like cell phones and music players in your bag as you would in class. Create an incentive to stay motivated, like grabbing ice cream or coffee if you finish your work on time!

Use resources
The internet is full of amazing websites like Khan Academy, Academic Earth and Coursera. These websites provide free videos on infinite topics. Use them to catch up on a missed lesson or refresh your memory on a tough subject. You could also check out YouTubers like Prof Rob Bob, Beat Master Matt and Crash Course

Have you ever been in a study group? What made your study group successful? Let us know in the comments! 

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by Julia Bonney | 3/5/2018