Spaced out on summer homework? It’s not too late!

There's no denying it now: If you haven't already started your summer assignments, the clock is definitely running out. But that doesn't mean you can't get it all *done.* Read on for how to save the day without sacrificing that last slice of summer. 

Bring your books *everywhere*

Long wait at the doctor’s office? Friend running late to meet you for fro-yo? Pull out your book and knock out a few pages. Five minutes here and there will definitely add up, and before you know it, you’ll reach the last chapter! The best part is you don’t have to set aside hours for reading— just read whenever you have time to spare.

Take notes like a pro

What’s worse than not doing your summer reading? Actually doing the reading, but forgetting everything by the time school rolls around. Don’t let this happen to you! While you’re reading, highlight sentences that you think are important (or use sticky notes if you have a library copy). When you’re finished with the book, make an outline of each chapter. Start by writing down a 1-3 sentence summary of the events in each chapter, then copy down your highlighted quotes. Your notes will make writing an essay, studying for a test or refreshing your memory super easy!

Enlist your friends’ help

Struggling to understand an assignment? Set up a Facebook group or group text with your friends and classmates so you can ask questions. Bounce ideas off of each other and share resources. Found a great YouTube tutorial for your algebra assignment? Post the link! Just make sure that you’re doing your own work, even if you’re getting help from friends. And don’t be afraid to email your teachers if you’re really stumped! They’ll be happy to help, you’ll get your questions answered and show your teachers that you care.

Have a day out

Hunching over your desk when it’s gorgeous outside is the worst—so don’t do it! Instead, pack your homework and a picnic lunch and head to the park. Lay out a blanket or set up a hammock and enjoy a day out in nature. Bring out your portable speakers, a thermos of ice cold lemonade, and yummy snacks and get to work!

Make a schedule

Have a 30-page math packet? Dicing it up to five pages per day for six days just sounds easier! Need to write two essays before school starts? Mark down hard deadlines for an outline, first draft and revised draft. Creating a realistic schedule that you can stick to will help you with time management and make it easier to complete those pesky assignments.

Think of summer homework as a grade booster

Summer assignments are your chance to make a great first impression on teachers. If your work is graded or you’re tested on the material within the first week of school, you can start the semester off strong! Even if you’re not graded, your teachers can tell if you put time and effort into your homework. Doing your best work over the summer will pay off in the future, so do yourself a favor and tackle those tasks head-on.

What are your strategies for dealing with summer homework? Let us know in the comments!


by Morgan Ome | 8/16/2019
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