We've got some *note*-worthy study tips


With AP tests and finals fast approaching, we’ve got the solutions to all your note-taking troubles. Got a problem? Find your solution below.

Problem: Note-taking is a snoozefest

Okay, so taking notes is never the most fun, but drawing pictures and fun diagrams can make it stop seeming like just a jumble of words. For example, trying to master econ notes? Draw a picture of two people buying pears and apples to explain supply and demand. Writing notes about a book for English? Flesh out a picture of the character. Not only is this more fun, but it helps retain the information better.

Problem: You can never follow your notes

Sometimes you just feel like you have oodles and oodles of endless blocks of text. To separate different categories, try getting a variety of colors instead of just plain black (we’re loving these pens from PaperMate). Also, if you’re trying to memorize multiple reoccurring themes, using different colors can help you absorb the information better since each color will remind you of that subject. Just be sure to not overdo it.

Problem: You never remember the notes you just took

To improve your memorization and mastery of the material, try this method instead of copying as you go: Read a page or two of your textbook or review book at a time, close the book and write down everything you remember before moving on. Although you won’t remember everything, during the reading you’ll be focused on learning the material instead of just transcribing the textbook.

Problem: You have no motivation to take notes

Netflix vs. spending hours on notes is an easy choice. But people who took meaningful notes tended to remember the material a lot better. In a study on note taking (check it out here), students averaged almost 72% correct after taking notes, while students who didn’t take notes received a 61%. That’s the difference between passing and failing a class. So go get that good grade, GL girls!

What’s your favorite note strategy?


by Marin Langlieb | 5/6/2016