How to bounce back from crappy grades


Midterm grades are out, and you, my friend are not doin’ so well--but don't panic just yet. We've got the DL on how to boost that C average by the time final grades roll around. That way you’re eligible for spring sports and prom (plus, everyone knows good grades = better Christmas prezzies!). 

Recognize the problem

Evaluate your current study habits and school behaviors. Be honest with yourself: do you doodle in class? Do you desk text? Admitting your faults is the first step in making a change. Another way to figure out what you need to improve on is to asking your teacher. Check your midterm report for specific comments, and if there are none, take the initiative to ask your teacher after class.

Jot it down

For some kids, poor test scores and bad grades come from simply forgetting to study or do homework, rather than actually having trouble understanding the coursework. Eliminate missed points by writing everything down in your planner when it’s assigned. 

Keep time in mind

When it comes to school, time management is everything! It’s true, everyone has a life outside of school, but it is also important to prioritize homework and school studies. If you don’t have large amounts of time at home to work, try studying in smaller amounts over the course of 2-3 weeks. This will help you retain information better than cramming the night before. 

Speak up

When you don’t understand a concept in class, raise your hand and get clarification. Now this should be a given, but many students often experience social anxiety or find themselves feeling embarrassed to ask a question. Next time you find yourself in this sitch remember that your teacher will be thrilled that you are showing interest in the class (hello, participation points!), and chances are if you’re confused, other kids in the class are too. In most subjects like English and math, material builds upon each other—in other words you’re gonna need the stuff you’re learning now in order to understand the stuff you’ll learn later in the year (or maybe even next year, too). Ask questions now so you don’t set yourself up fro failure later on down the road.

Hold your head high

Yeah, bad grades suck, but your outlook on the situation is really what can make or break you. Always remember that everyone has difficulty with something; whether it’s biology, soccer, or even piano lessons. Believe in yourself and find the determination you need to make a change. You know what they say, if ya fall down seven times you gotta be strong enough to stand up eight!

Did we miss anything? Got any star student tips of your own? Share them in the comments below!


by Laurise McMillian | 2/1/2016