5 ways to deal with boring teachers


Every student has at least one teacher that rambles on and on about a topic you hate, leaves you feeling bored out of your mind or just plain uninterested in the subject. But what if there was a way to stay focused and actaully enjoy the class you are in? We’ve got 5 ways to help you stay engaged so you don’t end up with drool on your desk--or a detention. 

Write with colorful pens

Taking detailed notes with pens in a rainbow of vibrant colors (beyond the basic blue, black, and red) can help you pay attention to the lesson and make your notebook or binder look super cute.

Move to the front of the class

Swapping seats for one in the front gives you a one-on-one relationship with the teacher and makes it harder to be as easily distracted or get lazy.


Ask questions

If you feel a little lost or bored with the subject, ask the teacher to go more in-depth about a certain topic. It’ll help you learn more about the lesson and focus your attention.

Engage in the class

Answer questions, help the teacher pass out supplies, offer to help another student. These minor tasks will keep you occupied, active and alert during class. Just don’t be distracting!

Draw out the lesson

In your notes, try sketching out what the teacher is saying. Make graphs and designs in your notebook so that you can easily follow along and stay invested in the class. Good luck!


What are your best ways for staying attentive during a snooze-fest lesson? Share in the comments below!


by Zion Johnson | 2/1/2016