Slay your finals: 20 ways to get all A's


No, we’re not making you sit at your desk and study for eight hours straight a night. It’s more about approaching your classes and HW with a new attitude and some sharp, work-better techniques. 

1. Think for yourself.
Independence is the key to getting good grades. This means knowing when to speak up for yourself if you are struggling with an assignment and being proactive about seeking help. It’s essential that you take responsibility for yourself in the school environment, rather than leaving it to your mom and dad to talk to your teachers for you.

2. Prioritize your homework.
Organization is a total GPA booster. Make a nightly homework schedule to prioritize which assignments are the most important and require the most time. Staying organized will help you keep track of all of your homework and allow you to complete all of your assignments on time.

3. Form relationships with teachers.
Having a positive relationship with your teachers doesn’t mean he or she will put you on the fast-track to great grades. But, being on good terms with Teach does have it’s benefits. First, she’ll see you for the sunny, positive person you are (always a bonus). And if you two are comfortable chatting, it’ll be easier to approach her if you’re having a problem later on. simple “Hi Mr. Smith!” or a “How was your weekend, Ms. Doe?” can go a long way and will make the classroom environment more friendly and enjoyable.

4. Stay motivated.
At the start of the school year, it’s easy to be on top of it all. But as things get busier, some girls start to lose sight of what’s important. Keep your goals visible (even long-term ones, like getting into your dream college) and it’ll make studying easier.

5. Go in for extra help.
Believe it or not, teachers actually want to see you succeed, and are often willing to offer up extra help. If you feel like you are struggling, stay after class and let her know what’s up. We bet she’ll suggest a little after-school time, and definitely take her up on it. You’ll leave with a better understanding of the material, plus your teacher will appreciate your hard work.

6. Set small goals.
Focus on one thing at a time: an A on the Math quiz, an A on the English project, an A on the History test. Take every assignment one step at a time, otherwise you will only stress yourself out.

7. Don’t procrastinate. 
Leaving things until the last minute will eventually catch up with you. Either you’ll find yourself beyond bogged down, or you won’t be able to give each assignment the time it truly deserves.

8. Read up.
As soon as an assignment hits your desk, read the instructions from start to finish. Then, get started on it ASAP, so you’ll have a better understanding of what to do and how long it will take. Even if it’s due at the end of the quarter, getting a jumpstart and reading thoroughly means you’ll be better prepped to bring home an all-star grade.

9. Write things down.
Have a place to write down reminders, homework assignments and notes from the teacher to ensure you don’t forget anything. Not only does writing things down help you remember, but studies have shown that it leaves more room in your head for learning.

10. Go the extra mile.

Show teachers you care and that you are willing to work hard by going the extra mile. If Teach is offering an extra credit project, definitely do it. But also, just don’t get into the habit of skipping things you think she won’t notice. She will!

11. Get a good night’s sleep. 
It is crucial that you get enough sleep during the school year. Lack of sleep is detrimental to both your grades and your well-being. Sleep well at night so that you can focus in school and have enough energy to get through the day.

12. Do all homework to the best of your ability.
One thing that girls with great grades have in common? They didn’t slack their way to the top of the class. Set aside plenty of time for HW, and then just. do it.

13. Make study packets. 
When you have a unit test, go through all of your notes again and create your own study guide. This is an awesome and effective way to review all of the material that you will be tested on. Plus, you can save these packets to use for your big end of the year exam.

14. Get help from friends.
Besides your teacher, your friends and peers are the best people to go to for help because they know exactly what your teacher expects from you. Plus, you can turn it into a study party!

15. Raise your hand in class.
If you are feeling a bit confused, don’t be afraid to raise your hand and ask your teacher to clarify. Be sure to get all the answers in class so that you don’t have to worry about understanding the concept later when you are doing your homework.

16. Stay focused in class.
We know there are about a million distractions, but do your best to put them outta your noggin while class is in session. Focus on what your teacher is saying, and taking clear, neat notes.

17. Study with flashcards.
Writing things out by hand is a proven way to help you remember everything your teacher told you. So, bust out the note cards and get jotting. We heart flashcards, because you can stash them for end-of-semester tests and they’re super portable.

18. Use your weekends wisely.
Take Friday night off from school, but resist the urge to watch TV all weekend. Putting in some study time on the weekends will raise those grades.

19. Reward yourself.
School is tough, so definitely set up a system to treat yourself for all your hard work. Even little stuff can help, like if you read the next two bio chapters, you can take a half hour off to do whatever you want.

20. Don’t stress!
Just relax. Straight A’s aren’t everything. While it is extremely important to do well in school, don’t get super obsessed. Just work to the best of your ability, and the grades you earn will be a testament to all your hard work.

How do you slay your grades? Share your secrets in the comments!


by Jordan Stern | 2/3/2019