Joining a club has never been this easy! 10 ways to get involved

Looking for an easy way to show some school spirit, meet new friends, and have a blast all at the same time this fall? Join a club or organization! To see which one sounds like a perfect fit, look at our list below.

Gimmie a C, gimmie an H—CHEER!

Becoming a cheerleader is one of the biggest ways to show off your school spirit. After all the whole point is for you to “cheer” on your school! This is a great way to unleash your inner girly girl and meet your next best girlfriend while looking fierce and fabulous. Bring it on!


Joining a sport whether it be soccer, basketball or softball is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle and learn how to work alongside others. It’s a win, win situation. Try out for as many as you can and see which one you like the best. Pretty girls sweat too ya know!?

Will that be all Ms. President?

Ever had dreams of becoming the first female president? Well you can jump start your future career as a politician by becoming president of your class or running for any other elected position offered by SGA. You’ll be able to help plan school activities and learn the basics of politics. Plus, who doesn’t like being in charge?

Say cheese

The Yearbook Club is a great place for all future photographers. You’ll be able to take and edit pictures of all of the other clubs out there. Plus you’ll also be able to capture all of the hundreds of memories your classmates will cherish years later when looking back on their teenage years. Remember to write clever captions!

So you think you can sing?

If you sing in the shower, during class, and in the car then maybe you should join chorus this school year! Not only will you get to perform for your fellow classmates and your friends and family, but you’ll also get to form a bond with your fellow choir members. There’s nothing like being in harmony off and on the stage!

“To be, or not to be”

Acting is a fun escape from reality. Join the Theater Club and enter a world of imagination. This club can also force you out of your comfort zone, which will result in you becoming an all around more confident person. Who knows? You might be a natural star and years later end up in Hollywood! Everyone has got to start somewhere.

Lend a helping hand

If you enjoy helping people, then joining an organization deeply rooted in community service or a cause is for you. For example Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) helps spread awareness and could end up saving lives. See what your school has to offer and get out there to make your halls and (consequently) our world a better place.

Remember that one time at band camp?

Playing an instrument can be an effective creative outlet and a stress reliever. Find out which instrument best interest you and become a part of band. Plus you’ll get to go on band trips with your fellow musicians while the rest of your class is solving math problems. Ah the perks of being an awesome band geek!

Breaking news

Writing for your school newspaper has so many benefits. You’ll be on top of all of the latest happenings and you’ll also get to meet almost everyone because you’ll have to conduct interviews. That means everyone. Even that cutie, #24 on the basketball team, who made the game-winning shot.

Be active and creative

If you can’t find a club that is the perfect fit for you, then don’t worry Cinderella. This just means that you need to create your own glass slipper. In other words, make your own club! Talk to your administration after you think of a well thought out idea and become the founder of your own organization. Now that’s amazing.

Which club are you a member of? Tell us in the comments!


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by Camille Moore | 2/1/2016