10 ways not to let being shy get in your way this year

Being shy can keep us from a lot of what this life has to offer. Below are some ways you can overcome the shyness and become the outgoing girl everyone wants to be around. Life is too short to be shy!


If there’s something on your mind, know that your voice and opinion matters. Once you start expressing yourself, you’ll start getting used to it. This is also a great way to find out what you have in commons with others, so expect to gain new friendships!

“I’ll do it!”

Instead of being asked or told to do something, volunteer! This way you will be pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone to a world of excitement. So even if it isn’t something you’d normally do, give it a try. Keep challenging yourself and you’ll see the shyness slowly fade away.

“Pop a Squat”

Next time you’re in the cafeteria, try sitting down beside someone new to have lunch with. Then take the extra mile and spark up a conversation with him or her! Your group of friends isn’t going anywhere. It’s okay to get out there and explore who else is in your class. Who knows? You might walk away with some new friends…or even a new crush.


Research says that we find people who smile and look directly into our eyes as approachable and even more attractive. Shyness sometimes can hold you back from interacting with others. Shake the shyness and open up by simply turning that frown upside down! Besides, who doesn’t just love a happy person?

Chin Up, Shoulders Back

Confidence is key when trying to break out of your shy ways. Believe in yourself and don’t put yourself down. Being timid leads to self-doubt, which in the end results in mistakes. Walk around like you own the place and you’ll start to realize that you’ll encounter less and less awkward situations.

Get Over Over-thinking

Shyness usually stems from an over-load of doubtful thoughts. Stop thinking so much and start doing! Just go for it! See a cute guy who is always smiling and looking at you? Wave next time. Being fearless and bold has its benefits.

Find Your Niche

We tend to be more confident when we know what we’re doing. Find out what it is that you’re good at and then watch you shine. Take that confidence out of the classroom or off the soccer field and carry it around with you everywhere!

Ask Why

In order to fix something, one must first find out why it’s even occurring in the first place. People are shy for different reasons. You might be very self-conscious, socially awkward or it’s simply just your personality. Find out why you’re shy and then work on whatever is keeping you from being the outgoing girl you’ve always wanted to be.

Just Relax!

Learn to laugh at yourself. Awkward situations are the best times for you to let out a good “HAHA.” It’s not the end of the world and you’ll be over it as soon as you stop caring so much.

Positive Thoughts

Think that you’re good enough and you’ll be good enough. Believe you’re beautiful and others will see you’re beautiful. Act as if you’re a joy to be around and watch people flock to you. You are in control of your life, so take charge and live it fearlessly!

OK, shy girls, tell us: How do you say bye-bye to being shy?

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by Camille Moore | 2/1/2016