4 things you can do right this second to get set for finals

Sure, finals might not be for a few weeks (or months!) yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start gearin’ up for an A right now. From prepping your workspace to asking for a li’l assistance, there are four cinchy things you can do to score a stellar grade. Grab your backpack, babe, and get ready to show your report card who’s boss.


Spring clean

All those pages that are scattered around your locker are probably just the ones you’re gonna want around midnight right before your year-end math test. Anticipate needs like these and start tidying up your locker, backpack and desk. Can’t find an important worksheet or a test? Ask to borrow your bud’s so you can copy out answers or deets you’re gonna need to succeed.


Organize your notes

Instead of rooting through your science folder for that bit on biospheres right before the big test, take an hour now to neaten up your notes. Put them in an order that makes sense to you—that might mean grouping certain items thematically, chronologically or alphabetically. If you’re prepping for an open-book test, this is essential! Tip: As you root through your papers, tab the ones that are incomplete or that you didn’t do well on. Ask your teacher or a friend to clarify the problem areas.


Tutor trade-off

You’re awesome at vocab but awful at algebra? Pair up with a pal who could use your skills (and teach you a thing or two at the same time). Set up a few study dates so you can make flash cards, quiz each other and share useful tips on memorizing tricky theorems and scores of seemingly random information.


Extra credit

Once you’ve figured out specific areas you’re having trouble with—like “acute angles” instead of “geometry”—ask your teacher if you can meet after school to quickly chat about how you can get better. Maybe she can go through old quizzes and tests to troubleshoot the ones you got wrong. Maybe she can give you more practice problems to work through on your own. Maybe she has an extra credit project you could work on to boost your grade. Remember, it never hurts to ask, so get your Qs ready!


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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016