8 ways to keep your brain busy during vacay

You’ve spent the last nine or ten months cramming your noggin full of important info. Why waste all of that hard work over the summer? We’ve got 10 fun ways to keep your brain busy during vacay so you can sail back into school in September and shoot to the top of the class. Nice job, smarty pants! 
Turn on the tube
The next time you park it in front of the T.V., switch to CNN or your favorite news channel. Keeping up with current events will def help you in the history department and it’ll help you ace those news quizzes your teach will be passing out next fall. Besides, keeping tabs on the rest of the world makes you a better person all around, babe.
Play navigator
The next time your family hits the open road, grab the map and be their guide. You’ll learn all about geography, and it’ll help improve your spatial awareness. That means easy A’s on your next geometry test!
Scope out the stars
On a clear night, you can see forever—all the way to the moon! Pick up a telescope and see how many constellations you can find.
Keep a journal
Writing every day, even if it’s just about the things you’ve done or seen, will improve your scribbling skills. Up the anty by signing up for a word-of-the-day email (or grabbing a calendar) and using that word in your daily entry. Hello, incredible vocabulary!
Grab the paper
Call dibs on the crossword puzzle in the daily paper (or print one off the Internet). It’s another excellent way to build up your vocab, learn interesting trivia and keep your brain active.
Budget your spending money
Spend an hour looking at your finances and assessing your piggy bank, then write out a plan for how you want to spend your dough. Once you’ve decided on a budget, stick to it during those countless summer shopping sprees. Doing some quick math in your head will keep you speedy come BTS.
Brush up on local history
Your history textbook can be mega boring, but that doesn’t mean the past doesn’t deserve some attention. Grab a friend and take a trip to your town’s museum—there’s one in almost every locale, big and small. Spend the afternoon giggling over the old-fashioned clothes in photographs and actually reading the signs next to exhibits. We guarantee you’ll learn something new.
Conduct an at-home science experiment
Impress your babysitting charges or younger sibs with some whiz-kid experiments, like a papier-mâché volcano or “tornado in a bottle.” It’ll keep your science skills sharp for next year and hey, science is fun, right?


by Casey Lieberman and Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016