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The idealistic girl's guide to finding inspo outside of the internet

Can't stop scrolling? We've all been there. From niche Pinterest boards (bc obviously we need separate ones for outfits, aesthetic meals *and* our dream house) to TikTok GRWMs, the internet can be the source for so much inspiration.

For us idealistic girlies (pointing at you, IG feed curators), we all just want to ~romanticize~ our lives in every way possible—and tbh, trying out a new beauty hack or lifestyle from your fave influencer just adds to the fun. Don't get us wrong, we looove seeing the velvet nail trend and clean girl morning routines, but it can be super easy to get detached from reality by cutesy internet inspo. 

Whether your screen time is an hour a day or a secret you'd *never* tell your mom (relatable, tbh), we can all use a little reality check here and there. Srsly: There is so much inspiration around us waiting to be found—we just need to start looking for it! Don't know where to start? Take these first steps with us to enter your social media detox era

A walk a day keeps the mindless scrolling away


Trust us: Your hot girl walks aren't just a fun exercise. There is so much you can discover in that half hour, from meeting dog walkers to those kids running around with a frisbee. Think of it as people-watching: maybe that jogger you're passing by has the perfect wispy-free hairstyle you wanna try out or your neighbor is listening to a new podcast you think you'd *love*. Moral of the story? Look up and around at the lives around you (bc honestly, they're kinda fascinating)!

Don't shy away from new conversations

It's scary to strike up a convo with that cool stranger carrying the adorable tote bag and thrifted jean skirt—totally get it. But here's what we have to say: Everyone loves a compliment! An easy way to put yourself out there is to point out something you already love about others, whether it's a necklace they're wearing or an interesting coffee order that you wanna try. And guess what? It's totally foolproof. If the convo is going ahh-mazing, you just made a friend. And if not, you still got some real-life inspo. 

Scout out the *coolest* underground spots


In this day and age of endless online shopping (srsly, how can we ever get through hundreds of pages of clothing?), we start to buy into a lot of trends that we constantly see—even if we don't necessarily love it. If you're tired of clicking into ads and falling down the online shopping rabbit hole (we're very guilty), try scouting out local small businesses in your town. Smaller businesses like boutiques or independent coffee shops tend to have their own unique flare, aka lots of new inspo!

So you're feeling inspired...what's next? 

Being inspired can look different for everyone. If you're into creative writing, you might jot down a cute short story about the cool stranger you met at the coffee shop. If you're a crafty girlie, you might feel inspired to create your own jewelry from recycled materials after checking out that small business in your town. And if you love playing the piano, maybe you're already composing a piece inspired by the park you walked in that morning. Whatever your passion is, there are *so* many ways to turn your everyday experiences into something totally cool.

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Slider and top image: @ashleebock


by Anne Chen | 2/6/2024