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We're making Instagram casual again (but like, in a cool way)

Don't get us wrong, we loooove scrolling through our Instagram feed. But sometimes the Gram can feel a little, well, fake. I mean, did your beach vacation actually look like that IRL? 

Back in the olden days (AKA 2014), Instagram was simpler: cute pics of your cat, group pics with your besties and ultra-filtered pics of your latest Starbucks order. Instagram wasn't about impressing your virtual friends but about chronicling your life. A public photo album, if you will. 

Let's bring those vibes back for 2024 and start capturing our day-to-day—rather than just our best angles. Here's how to do it...

Take pics of *everything*

Everyone hearts a historian. We're not saying you need to be on your phone 24/7, but make sure you have your cam ready for an extra pretty sunset or adorable dog you spot. Don't worry about how "aesthetic" the subject is—if you think it's worth capturing, that's all that matters. Art is often found in the mundane, so don't be afraid to snap pics of your early morning brekkie or your afternoon study sesh! 


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Candids are cutest

Who needs 100 different posed pics anyway? Candid pics feel more natural, and trust us, your genuine smile is the prettiest. Keep your eye out for cute moments—if one of your besties is dancing like nobody's watching at the park, be sure to snap a pic of her sick moves for later. 

Psst: Don't be afraid to be silly. The funniest photos often have the best memories attached to them. If you and your besties are hosting the most hilarious game night, be sure to capture some mid-laugh action shots. 


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Keep the filters lowkey

Our fave filter = natural light. Instead of doctoring up your pics with saturation and tints, try taking photos with good lighting, or simply embrace the darkness of a late-night ice cream run! Filters can distract from the content of your photo. Instead of playing with color, try playing with exposure and contrast. These will enhance your photo quality without minimizing the mems.

We love a fit pic

OOTDs have made it to the main Instagram! Outfits can say a lot about your aesthetic. Posting cute pics of your latest weekend fit can add color to your feed. Not to mention you can show off your sick style. Got a new pair of slip-on Uggs you're obsessed with? We can't wait to see them grace your Insta profile. 


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Embrace the filler photo

"Filler photos" may have been most popular back in the era of color-coordinated Insta feeds (helloooo 2017), but they're back and trendy again. These pics can be of just about anything (a pretty beachscape, a cute coffee mug, a cool painting, etc.) that helps keep your feed feeling cohesive and artsy. 

Feeling awk about posting filler photos? Post your filler photo, then immediately archive it. Add it back to your profile about a week later. That way, it will show up on your profile without making it's way through anyone's actual Insta feed. Consider it a little like a secret post to spice up your 'gram. 


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Want to revamp your feed? We've got all the cutest pic inspo on our Instagram @girlslifemag!

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by Laila Mayfield | 12/5/2023