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5 ways to add a touch of positivity to your cell phone

Tbh, social media can be *extremely* draining. Constantly comparing yourself to others (been there) can totally wreck your mental health. Seeing those sad news headlines triggers an anxious roller coaster of emotions. The truth is that our phones can carry a lot of negativity, leading to stress, pressure and just unhappy vibes. So...why not add some positivity to your phone?

We're bringing you five simple ways to add a touch of cheerfulness to your phone, so that you can turn to the happy side of your device whenever you need it most. 

Buddy up with a self-care birdie


Swipe to your home screen and there awaits an *adorable* little pet bird for you to take care of— while also taking care of yourself, too! We wholeheartedly recommend the Finch app, which allows you to raise a baby finch while completing daily tasks and reflecting on your feelings. These everyday goals can be related to self-care, work, school or anything your heart desires.

Your baby finch goes on adventures to explore the world and returns to share the new discoveries of self-love encountered on the journey. The app is the cutest ever, and your finch is there for you in any emotional moment. You can record your dreams, answer journal prompts and view positive affirmations or quotes. It really calms your soul.

Revamp your feed


When you find the side of social media that's free from toxicity (aka the side that makes you happy and allows you to freely be you), opt to spend your screen time there instead! And ofc, it's still a good idea to take breaks every once in a while. Trust, it'll help a *lot.*

Check out some affirmation art accounts on IG. For example, we personally love:
+ @mindfulthroughlife_

You might also want to listen to some big sister podcasts and join a self-love club— like with our BFF, Spencer Barbosa

With any content you follow, make sure to ask yourself this important question before you subscribe, follow or hit like: Does it make you feel like your best self?

Decorate your phone case with joy


Why not add a sprinkle of positivity to the *physical* phone itself? Consider adding some affirmation stickers to your phone, or even buy one with a message already on it (like this one from Casetify).

Positivity can also be displayed on your phone case if you simply decorate it with some of your fave things! Surrounding yourself with what you love most is refreshing. Look for something that will make you smile whenever you put down your phone. You could even write a little confidence-boosting note for yourself and stick it inside your case for whenever you might need a pick-me-up.

Share the love with others


Share the love with everyone! This serves as a reminder to check in on your friends because you might just make their day with that simple little text.

You could also share some positive affirmation posts on Insta to your story. You never know who really needs to hear them. Someone will most def appreciate those words of reassurance. Everyone does!

Unwind with a self-care game

Neko Atsume   

Imagine having a cat cafe right in the palm of your hand. This app lets you care for and collect cats in your own unique cozy cafe. This relaxing game is the perfect activity for decompressing after a long day. 


5 Minute Journal: Self-Care

Whether you're an avid journaler or just looking for a new way to reflect, the 5 Minute Journal app will help you organize your thoughts. With prompts and space for notes, this app will add a bit of mindfulness to your phone time. 



This app makes it so easy to stay relaxed and practice mindfulness. Even if you only have time for a three-minute meditation sesh, Headspace can help you get centered and find that inner peace. 


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by Lucy Ke and Lucy Hubbard | 9/13/2023