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How to overcome self-consciousness about filming TikToks in public

You see the TikTok trend, you love the music and you even have the video idea. All you need to do now is...well, actually film the TikTok. There's just one problem: You're totally terrified to film in public! Filming content around other people can feel super awkward, especially if you've never done it before or have only recorded yourself in the comfort of your room. If you're ready to face your nervousness, we have some tips to boost your confidence and overcome self-consciousness to film TikToks in public.

Bring a friend to film with you

Even the most intimidating of challenges become easier when you've got a friend joining in on the fun. Whether you're doing a winter fashion trend roundup, a fun new dance or acting out a skit, grab your bestie and bring her along. If she wants to be onscreen, make it a duo dance or let her say a few lines. If she's camera shy, have her help with the phone angle or direction. Either way, you'll be having so much fun, you'll forget all about stage fright. 

Wear your earphones

If you're in a public spot where people are relaxing or in a rush, blasting music might draw some unwanted attention— especially if you film more than one take to get your TikTok *just* right (which, tbh, might be more like seven takes). A quick fix is to bring your headphones (wireless work best), but if that's not an option, make sure to stand close enough to your phone!) so that you're the only one who can hear the audio repeating. You can even make it part of your look as a signature accessory.

Practice in private before you film

No matter what kind of TikTok you're filming, practice makes perfect (and less time spent figuring out what you're doing when you get to film). If you're nervous about eyes on you while filming, rehearse exactly what your plans are before you head out to record. Plan any movements and camera shots you want, so when you get there, you'll confidently know *exactly* what you need. 

Try to have fun

We know it's totally cheesy, but for real, try to enjoy yourself! You're filming TikToks for fun and overcoming your self-consciousness, which is definitely something to be proud of. Even if other people don't understand why or what you're doing, it's not their hobby—it's yours. So take a deep breath, break out of your comfort zone, turn on that camera and have fun!

Did you go for it and film your TikToks in public?
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by Ally Coy | 2/2/2023