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What your favorite throwback Nickelodeon show says about you

It's safe to say that Nickelodeon was a *huge* part of our childhood. Coming home from school to find your favorite Nick show on TV could truly make your day. There are some classic Nick shows that you probably obsessed over as a child—and maybe even binged again years later (we know we have). Keep reading to see what your fave Nickelodeon throwback says about you. 

Drake and Josh


If Drake and Josh was your go-to Nick show—chances are you are a hillarious and fun loving person. Drake and Josh tells the story of two recent step brothers who have to learn to get along and be there for eachother through all life's craziness. If Megan was your fave—you are a bit michevious but also super intelligent.  You and your bestie are probably polar opposites—just like Drake and Josh. However, you don't let your differences get in the way and you two defenitely know how to have a good time.  

Zoey 101


Zoey 101 takes place at a prestigious boarding school in California. If Zoey 101 was the show you always turned on first—you are very studious but also love some juicy drama. You are super close with your friends and are a bit of a hopeless romantic. Today you definitely enjoy reading young adult books and watching all the trendy teen drama shows. You live for the gossip—and there's nothing wrong with that! 



If iCarly was your favorite Nick show—you are super creative and love being the center of attention. Just like Carly, Sam and Freddy—you know how to put on a show and your hillarious personality shines bright in every situation. There's a good chance you are *obsessed* with Youtube and maybe even film and edit your own videos! No matter what—you are a reliable person your friends can count on when they simply need a good laugh. 

Big Time Rush


Big Time Rush is about a newly formed boyband made up of normal highschoolers who now have to navigate the world of Hollywood. If you are a Big Time Rush fan—you are a huge music fanatic and never leave home without your airpods. You stay up until late hours of the night to hear your fave's new releases as soon as they come out. You are super high energy and probably have a very tight knit friend group that you've known for years. 



If you used to obsess over Victorious—then you are a true performer. You probably have a passion for the performing arts and always dreamed of attending Hollywood Arts. You are always singing and dancing and know how to entertain an audience. Your friend group is made up of a bunch of different personalities—but you guys always have the most fun possible whenever your together. Someday you hope to find a career that suits your perfoming talents and maybe even become a huge star. 

Sam and Cat


Sam and Cat is one of the best spin-offs. If Sam and Cat was your absolute favorite—then iCarly and Victorious are likely close seconds. You can probably relate to Sam and Cat's adventures as you also have some babysitting experience under your belt. You are super hardworking and determined to go after what you want. You probably haven't known your bestie for very long—but that does not mean that you two are not super close. You are always there for eachother even when you don't always see eye to eye—just like Sam and Cat. 

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by Paige Mountain | 9/17/2021