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5 fun activities to beat boredom when you’re home alone

If you're anything like Kevin in Home Alone, you're always looking for creative ways to entertain yourself without leaving your house. Whether your parents are out at work or your besties are all busy, being home alone is the perfect time to get creative and try something new. And, who knows, you might even have so much fun that you'll be wishing you were home alone more often. There are endless possibilities for curing boredom when you're home alone, so here are 5 fun ideas to help you get started. 

1. Redecorate your room

One of the easiest things to do while you're home alone is to revamp or just re-organize your room. You can make use of decorations you already have in your house(cute books, posters, plants, etc.) or you can head to Target and get some new decor. If you're feeling crafty, you could try painting your mirror or making your own photo wall(it's super easy just find a bunch of aesthetic photos on Pinterest and print them out). 

2. Try out a new recipe


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We're sure that you've already tried TikTok recipes like whipped coffee or cloud bread, but this could be the perfect time to try something new. You could discover your new fave pretzel recipe or bake the best cupcakes you've ever had. If you don't have access to an oven, try making mug cakes or microwave cinnamon rolls. A fun challenge could be to use creative ingredients if you can't go grocery shopping, or try a baking completion with your siblings for some higher stakes.

3. Have a solo karaoke party

Okay, here us out. You may be thinking that karaoke is only for a night out with your girls, but it's also super fun to belt the lyrics to Olivia Rodrigo's Drivers License as loud as you want. If you have access to a karaoke player or a Nintendo Wii, try finding your fave songs to jam out to and maybe even try some choreo. If you're looking for a DIY approach, look up your fave songs on YouTube and there should be plenty of karaoke videos for you. This is your chance to go all out and show the world(a.k.a your bedroom) your world tour-ready vocals. 

4. Watch your fave concert movie

If you've been missing concerts as much as we have, this is the perfect activity. Set the stage for your own at-home concert, and get ready to party. Whether you're in the mood for the Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour movie, Ariana Grande's Excuse Me, I Love You or One Direction's This Is Us, dress up in your best concert outfit and wear your fave artist's merch. Turn off all the lights and put up your phone flashlights during the slow songs. This may not be exactly the same as a real concert, but it can still be a super fun way to prep for the real thing. 

5. Do an at-home photo shoot

Channel your inner model and put together some fabulous looks for an at-home photo shoot. All you need is a phone camera and a fun backdrop to create totally Insta worthy pics. If you're in need of a creative backdrop, try putting old newspapers on the wall or hanging a colorful tapestry. You can also get super creative with a tablecloth, colorful bedsheets or a fun mirror. If you're running out of poses, try checking out TikTok creators like @lovelaurenchu and @siana.v

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by Jasmine Robinson | 8/23/2021