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5 ways to stop comparing yourself to others

Do you ever find yourself comparing yourself to the people around you or celebrities on social media? You're not alone, this something a lot of people struggle with daily. Comparing yourself to others in regards to your body, grades, athletics and more is a common but harmful habit. Don't worry though, we have five ways for you to break this habit and realize how *amazing* you are.


Manifestation is a spiritual practice that helps you unleash your wonderful powers. There are many methods you can practice for manifestation, like saying phrases out loud or writing them down in a journal. And the best part? You can manifest *anything* you want!

Some things to remember before you begin: Manifestation works best when you are specific about your goals, that way the universe knows *exactly* what you want. It's also important to be open to the universe and all it has to offer.

Lastly, you also have to take action. This process is between you and the universe, you have to work together to achieve your goals. By focusing on your goals and the power you have to attain your goals, this will help you stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone is on their own journey and you just need to stay in touch with yourself and your goals. 

Surround yourself with people who inspire you

The people who you spend time with play a *big* role in self-esteem and anxiety. Take some time to think deeply about your friends and if they are true friends. If you find yourself comparing yourself to them and feeling bad about yourself, it means they are not true friends. There is a difference between friends who inspire you and friends who make you feel worse. It is amazing when you have friends who make you want to try new things, but friends who put you down to make themselves feel better is *not* an inspiring friendship. Surround yourself with friends who lift each other up and love you for who you are.

Talk about it

Comparing yourself is a strenuous habit because it causes your mind to race and induces a lot of anxiety. Talking about how you feel will help relieve some of the stress in your head. Friends, family, therapists and teachers are all resources for you to vent to. Talking things out *always* feels better than bottling it all in, and chances are you'll find that a lot of people struggle with this too. Be vulnerable with your friends and this will also make you closer.

Unfollow celebrities on social media

image: @wasittizaz

You don't have to unfollow all of your fave celebrities because it's fun to show your love and keep up with their lives. However, if there are certain accounts you follow that whenever you see their pictures make you feel bad about yourself, unfollow them. Celebrities live very different lives that are almost unattainable to normal people because of all the money and fame they have. Thus, comparing yourself to celebrities will do more harm than good because their fame *doesn't* mean their life is better than yours. Unfollow some accounts and see if you notice any changes in your levels of anxiety while on social media.


image: @camillestyles

Meditation is a *highly* beneficial practice for mental health. It helps soothe the mind and relax your body. You can even do it for as little as 10 minutes each day to experience it's benefits. If you find yourself struggling to quiet your mind and are constantly comparing yourself to others, find a quiet and comfortable space to meditate. There are many apps and videos for a guided meditation or you can create your own practice. Light a candle, get comfortable and get ready for a *huge* release of tension.

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by Lily Baker | 2/23/2021