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How to turn your ideas into a reality and become an entrepreneur


Do you come up with a new idea *every* day? Are your friends tired of hearing you say "what if..."? Then you're an entrepreneur. You don't have to have a fancy business degree or any background experience to turn those ideas into a reality. All you need is a big imagination and a passion for trying new things. If you're like me and have dreamed of starting your own business, creating a new product, or offering a much needed service, then it's time to get to work and take those thoughts and sketches out of your journal and turn them into something real.

Here's how you can become a real entrepreneur today:

1) Talk the talk! Learn how to verbalize your ideas into something concrete and easy to understand so that you can get feedback from your friends and family. Play around with how you would pitch your ideas and what kind of graphics might help explain them to others. Just because you understand the purpose and value of your idea, it doesn't mean that other people will too. As an entrepreneur this is half the battle. Coming up with a good idea is only the first step! Knowing how to convince someone else that they should believe in your idea too is arguable even more important because without the support of others you'll end up being your only customer. 

2) Connect and network! Talk to your friends and family and find out who they know and what they know. There's nothing more valuable than talking to others who are already in the industry or who have experience doing something you hope to do in the future. I know it can be scary reaching out for the very first time, but remind yourself that the worst thing that can happen is that they don't respond and the best thing that can happen is finding a new mentor that will help guide you and give you advice. So take a deep breath, reread that email one more time and hit send!

3) Create a prototype! The best way to test out a new idea is by bringing it to life. You don't need a lot of money or fancy machines, you just need to use your imagination. First, try creating a digital prototype on the computer by looking up products or services that already exist and then use editing tools to change it in order to create something that better reflects your vision. After you're happy with your virtual prototype, look around your house for things that you could alter to try and simulate what you've designed online. If you can't find it at home, visit a local dollar store or thrift store. With a little creativity and imagination, I'm sure you'll find some hidden treasures that can be easily repurposed. This is a reminder that the prototype doesn't have to work or look exactly the way you want it to, but it acts as a visual and real life example of your idea. This way you can receive feedback from others and start to make meaningful adjustments and improvements to help move your idea along. 

4) Never stop dreaming! Just because you have one great or bad idea, doesn't mean that you should stop there. The world moves too fast and people are always coming up with new exciting concepts, so why not be one of them? Keep pushing yourself to dream big and let yourself come up with crazy wild ideas that seem impossible now but could be possible in the near future thanks to you.

If you come up with a cool new idea be sure to tag us @girlslifemag—we'd love to see your creations! 


by Sara Cathcart | 11/22/2020