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Don’t know your dream job yet? We’re here to help

Some people seem to have their life all figured out by the time they start high school. They know which college they want to attend, what activities they want to join and what career is their perfect fit. Meanwhile, you can’t decide between six different sports, don’t have the slightest idea about college and shrug when asked about your dream job. It’s easy to compare yourself to your put-together peers who have it all figured out. But just because the biggest decision you’ve ever made was which dress to wear to Winter Formal, doesn’t mean you’re behind. Read on to get tips for discovering your dream job—on your own time.

Try two (or three or four) activities

Whether or not you know what you want to do beyond school, you can start preparing by dabbling in what interests you, without the worry that it’s a full-blown commitment. Chess club kind of a snooze? Baking club awaits! Or, if you’re undecided on a sport, focus on improving your overall fitness. Working out will ensure you’re ready for tryouts, whether you’re tossing a football or a peer on the cheer squad. Just make sure you’re not spreading yourself too thin —when you do make a commitment to a club, you’ll be expected to attend regular meetings and take on responsibilities.

Take plenty of quizzes

GL is primed and ready to help you here. We have quizzes about summer jobs, future careers, stress-busting hobbies, deciding where you’ll live in ten years and so much more. Quizzes might seem silly and frivolous, but giving honest answers can lead you in a direction you wouldn’t have thought of before. How you respond to the answers you get can also be a clue about your undiscovered passion—if you know being an architect is totally wrong, you can cross that off your list. But if you’re intrigued by the possibility of becoming a creative director for a mag, look into the details.

Ask everyone

Okay, not *literally* everyone. But chances are you have access to people in your life who’ve got experience and advice. From asking your mom to spill on what it’s really like to be a lawyer to chatting with your local librarian about studying library science, there are endless opportunities to learn firsthand about future job ops. Doing summer internships or programs at colleges are also surefire ways to get access to people working in your field of interest. Since supermodels and astronauts are harder to come by, you can also read interviews on the web to get the lowdown on your potential career.

Don’t stress

Whether you’re just starting middle school or you were the #classof2020, know that you have plenty of time to work things out. Some of your put-together pals are going to change their minds before or after they graduate. You can use this stay-at-home summer to work on scoring high on standardized tests and doing your research for potential jobs. But don’t let worrying about the future take away from being a kid. Play a video game, make a TikTok or Facetime with your BFF. Whatever your future holds, know that it’s sure to be bright. 

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by Bailey Bujnosek | 6/10/2020