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OMGift! We've got last-minute prezzies for *everyone* on your list

You take your finals, blink—and before you know it, it's December 23. With Christmas and Hanukkah gift exchanges looming, *how* are you supposed to find that perfect present for your mom, big bro and BFF?

Don't fear—we've got you covered with the most comprehensive, last-minute OMGift guide you'll ever need. Read on for the amaze gifts your fam and friends are going to *adore*—and have no clue you bought just a few days before.

For your parents...

Spa Day in a Box: Give Mom the self-care essentials she needs to treat herself this winter. From DIY face mask ingredients to a lavender candle, remind her that she deserves to relax (Bonus: offer to join her for the day—no phones allowed!). 

Spotify Subscription: Set Dad up with his very own Spotify account—and make him tons of playlist with his favorite songs, from oldies to show tunes. It's the perfect way to show him you remember what he likes. Plus, he can take your gift on-the-go and always think of you. 

Swapping Places: Get your sibs in on this super-thoughtful gift idea, where you present your parents with a certificate to trade places in the household for the week. They get to focus on work and hobbies while you take on chores, cooking dinner, walking the dog, organizing the family schedule and more! Just remind them to cash it in before it expires next December...

For your BFF...

Movie Night: Gift your bestie with *all* the fixings she'll need for a proper movie night, from caramel popcorn to a fuzzy blanket to the perf Netflix watchlist. Invite your squad over and spend the night cracking up to Bridesmaids, swooning over To All The Boys I've Loved Before or crying over The Notebook

Subscription Box: From Ipsy for beauty to Rent the Runway for clothes, there's no shortage of *amaze* subscription boxes out there. If you know your bestie will jump for joy when she gets to unbox brand-new makeup samples or try on a fabulous dress, this is the gift for her. 

Photo Book: Print your cutest photos from over the years (yes, even that throwback Insta where you both look like babies) and create an adorable, nostalgic present for your best girl. Shutterfly and Minted make digital creations easy, or grab some paper and glue to DIY your own! 

For your siblings...

Hot Cocoa Mug: In an adorbs personalized mug, give your little bro or sis all the ingredients they need to make their own hot chocolate (don't forget the marshmallow and candy cane toppings!). Make it together and curl up on the couch to watch a favorite family flick. 

Game Night: Get your sibling some fun board and card games (we're big fans of classics like Monopoly along with Uno, Sushi Go and Settlers of Catan). Then, spend the night playing together—winner chooses dessert!

Hand-Me-Downs: Who said regifting isn't thoughtful? Give your little sister that blue sweater of yours she's been eyeing, or pass down your baseball card collection to your bro. It'll mean a lot to know you thought of them—and that you're willing to part with some of your prized items. 

Who's your favorite person to shop for? Comment below!  

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by Katherine Hammer | 12/5/2019