This new social media app is the best way to keep in touch with your BFF this summer

Summer break is finally here, but that means three months without your bestie. She's spending the next ten weeks at summer camp and you're stuck at home, working at the local fro-yo shop. Even so, there's no need to worry because BeReal has got your back.

What is BeReal?

BeReal is a new social media app that shows life without a filter.

Every day at a different time, users get a notification on their phone announcing that it's "Time to BeReal." They are then given a two-minute time slot to capture and post a photo of themselves and what they're doing, showing the real side of life that other social media platforms don't. Members can post late if they need to, but they won't be able to see their friends' photos until they share their own. 

The sweet thing about BeReal is that it has no ads, likes or follower counts. It's just you and your besties sharing snapshots from your day!

Why should I use BeReal?

There are a lot of ah-mazing perks of using BeReal to keep in touch this summer.

It can be easy to compare yourself to others—especially when all you see are the aesthetic parts of their lives on Instagram and TikTok. But BeReal isn't about looking perfect. It's about looking real.

Since the app also doesn't have likes or follower counts, there is no pressure to gain followers or become famous. It's all just for fun!

It's so easy to spend the whole day scrolling through social media (especially when you're supposed to be doing your summer reading). But BeReal's format doesn't encourage scrolling. Since everyone is only posting once a day, there are only so many photos to look at.

The limited number of posts also makes it easier to spend more time looking at each one and give genuine reactions, rather than just hitting a like button and scrolling by.

But the best part about using BeReal is the way it connects people. At the same time every day, all of your friends get the same notification on their phones. Within minutes, your BFFs' super cute faces pop up on your screen. Even if you're apart, you are all experiencing the moment together.

So while your bestie is hiking in the woods and you're mopping chocolate sauce off the floor, take a second to download BeReal. It'll totally BeWorthIt.

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by Aubrey Rhoadarmer | 7/14/2022